Take control of your connectivity.

Ultra fast, ultra reliable and ultra portable,
simpliFi is a wireless network for up to 32 users and devices.

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We aren’t a hotspot.
We are a complete network in a box.

simpliFi is different. It delivers enterprise-class WiFi with zero truck rolls. No technicians. No wires or antennas. Zero installation costs.

It’s a self-contained network with blazing fast 4G LTE speeds for up to 32 simultaneous users and devices. All you have to do is add a SIM card, plug it in and go. Easy, huh?

simpliFi’s patented technology is unique.

In use across the globe from convention centers to developing communities, simpliFi is robust and reliable. With up to an 800-foot line of site WiFi transmission, IP pass-through and port forwarding, plus the ability to remotely manage the network, it provides previously unheard of flexibility and range.

With its 99.999% uptime, simpliFi is the ideal failover solution. Each unit can also serve as a wired line router, is equipped with Bluetooth capability and is engineered to act as a full wireless bridge.

Connect up to 32 simultaneous users. Blazing Internet speeds. LTE, HSPA+, 4G, and 3G available.

Utlize USB port for the installation of custom applications via jump drive. Access the Internet, as well as charging via USB.

Use multiple profiles to quickly connect Bluetooth enabled products such as phones and medical monitoring products.

Create a secured local area network, VPN or wide area network instantly for your business or home in seconds.

Securely hard wire devices with the RJ-45 Ethernet for constant Internet connectivity. Great for security cameras, gaming, ATM’s, VoIP, retail POS, and servers.

simpliFi utilizes a voice and data plan to make high quality cellular phone calls from your Bluetooth phone system.

simpliFi’s Linux operating system allows custom applicatoins to be loaded and run on the device including encryption for HIPAA compliant medical devices.

Just insert SIM Card to activate.

Professional-grade technology for everybody.

Capable enough for the most demanding professional applications, but simple enough for anybody with a SIM card and a wall outlet, simpliFi is, quite simply, revolutionary. Never before has there been such a powerful, portable and streamlined WiFi networking device available for such a low price. Welcome to the future of the wireless network.