Frankie Benevides Jr.

LFP Embed Wizard Redesign

Q1 2015 UI Design, UX Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

After reviewing the embed player documentation & several hundred Light Field Picture (LFP) player embeds, we came to the conclusion that we needed a better way for people to add light field pictures to their websites. The project ran in parallel with the LFP Embed Player Redesign project, slowly morphing as we tweaked the player itself.

By reviewing embeds on external websites, we identified pain points that broke the player. The prototype illustrates the options to remove those problems for an effortless embed experience.

This was a giant, fun puzzle that ended up being a nearly full-featured prototype, which you can play around with below.

Note: This project was an internal prototype that was only tested on Google Chrome and is not designed to work on mobile devices.