Frankie Benevides Jr.

LFP Embed Player Redesign

Q1 2015 UI Design, UX Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

The Light Field Picture (LFP) embed player was a huge feat of engineering for our development team. The early design of the player, however, left a lot to be desired and unfortunately hadn’t been updated in years. That's why in 2014 I was able to take on the entire project of designing & prototyping the new version.

The project was split into three phases:

  1. Research & Redesign: I created extensive internal mockups & oversaw internal usability testing until we hit our milestone
  2. Prototype & Implement: A combination of my prototype (below) and the actual player development by the dev team
  3. Feature Add: Add all prototyped features that didn’t exist in the player

The level of input I was able to contribute while designing, building & launching this made it one of the more rewarding projects I’ve been involved in.

Note: This project was an internal prototype that was only tested on Google Chrome.